Welcome to House in Greece and sunny Peloponnese

Hus i Grekland means House in Greece in Swedish. Welcome to 275 days of sunshine in Peloponnese Greece! In our business concept, we address to both private individuals and companies in Sweden and to Greek entrepreneurs and private individuals who want to reach the swedish market.

Sales objects, quality rentals, coworking spaces

The basic concept includes commission of sales objects and quality assured rentals as well as project management and research of coworking spaces and assistance with  implementation of courses in Peloponnese, Greece (Messinia area). We who work with are swedish entrepreneurs with long experience of project management, marketing and economy: Elwira Kotowska and Elias Johnsson.

You don’t speak swedish?

  • You don´t speak swedish but you want to buy or sell a house in Messinia Greece Don´t worry: contact us by email and we take care of your wishes. We speak Swedish, English, Greek and Polish and we work with reliable entrepreneurs and agencies
  • You  don’t speak swedish but you want work with swedish customers? We are happy to help you with reaching the swedish market! Please contact us by email and describe yours wishes but remember: our primary work area is Messinia! We look mostly for interesting houses or apartments for rent and sale but also for companies who work with tourist events
  • However, do you have other ideas or products and want to reach the swedish market? Please contact us by email and explain your plans