Guide and instructions, ”Vänskapens Oas”, ”Friendship Oasis”, Villa Camares

Welcome to”Vänskapens Oas” Friendship Oasis, Villa Camares, Frigano, Stoupa, Messinia Mani

The owner Wynne Tranter and Andy Paterson lets the following property to the tenant: Villa Camares, Frigano, Stoupa, Messinia, 24024, Greece, (36°50’45.1″N 22°16’44.8″E), click for the link here. The arrival time on the arrival day is between 10:00 and 23:00. The checkout time on the day of departure is at: 13:00.

PLEASE NOTE: you must always email to your more exact arrival time! Elwira and Elias will meet you and they will show you the house but please print or bookmark the instruction below.


General Instructions Inside Villa Camares

  • Front door and gate keys. You have been supplied with two sets of keys – both include keys for the front door and small side gate, one also has a key for the main gate padlock. Please note: the front door will lock automatically behind you when you close it. If you are just going out into the garden we recommend that you leave one of the other doors – dining room or bedroom – open to ensure you do not get locked out.
  • Leaving the keys on departure. Please put both sets of keys in the post box on the wall outside the main gate
  • Water. The water in the house is safe to drink. There is no need to use bottled water. The house has a water storage tank so you are unlikely to be affected by water being cut off. However the water is electrically pumped, so a power cut can affect the water supply
  • Toilets. Unlike many Greek toilets it is ok to flush toilet paper. However, please do NOT flush any wipes, sanitary products, or anything non-biodegradable
  • Windows and shutters. Most windows and doors have mosquito blinds and shutters. Mosquito blinds can be pulled down and fixed with small clips at both ends. To release the mosquito blinds gently pull these clips back. Shutters should be hooked back when open to stop them banging in the wind. The dining room outside doors do not have hooks to hold them open. If leaving them open please use a doorstop to avoid them banging in the wind. Bathroom and ensuite windows can be opened in two ways. Lifting the handle to horizontal allows you to open the window towards you. Turning the handle to vertical allows you to open the window from the top.
  • Electricity. The electricity supply in Greece can be unreliable at times. Power cuts are not unusual but are normally short. We recommend you keep a torch around for such eventualities. There is an electricity distribution panel on each floor. In normal operation all switches should be up (except hot water heater – big red switch – on the first floor). If a circuit trips out for any reason (a power cut can cause this) the switch will be down. Switch it up to reset. If it trips out immediately after reset there may be a fault somewhere – please let us know. There is also a set of switches outside, just inside the front gate. These should be checked if resetting the switches inside the house does not work
  • Hot water. The house has solar heated hot water. This will normally be adequate for all your hot water needs except in winter. If you do need extra hot water there is an electric heater. The switch for this (big red one) is in the electric panel on the first floor. If you use this please switch it off again to avoid wasting electricity
  • Air conditioning. The living room and bedrooms have air-conditioning. Please do not run this with the windows open. Note that we are currently missing one remote control for the air-conditioning. You can use any remote in any room, so please use one from another room if required
  • Ceiling fans. The living room, bedrooms and kitchen all have ceiling fans. They can be switched on from a light switch in the room. To control the speed of the fan or to dim the light in the fan use the remote control. Kitchen fan – you can switch it off and on via the light switch on the wall. Downstairs bedroom fans – one of the remote controls has failed. Until we get a replacement you need to use the one remote for either fan.
  • Washing machine. There is a washing machine in the basement. You are free to use this for washing. Instructions in English are on top of the washing machine. Please shake sand out of any beachwear and towels prior to washing. The washing machine uses a separate pump system to remove waste water. Please leave this system plugged in and switched on at all times. The washing machine makes repeated bleeping noises when it has finished washing. For this reason you may not want to put it on overnight. There are two washing lines for drying clothes on the terrace at the back of the house on the ground floor.
  • Spare batteries. There are a lot or remote controls within the house – for air-conditioning, fans, tv, etc. Many have rechargeable batteries – please do not throw these away when they are empty. There is a battery charging unit in the study/bedroom. There is also a supply of non-rechargeable batteries there
  • Cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with spare bags is supplied
  • Internet and wifi. The house has fast (50mbps) internet access. Wifi is available throughout the house and in the pool area. The network name is OTE36A3D8 and the password is x9rsg9T7eHGyeP24
  • TV. The TV picks up Greek TV broadcasts. The only channels in English are CNN and BBC World Service. There is a DVD player in the living room and a number of DVDs in the cupboard in the study
  • Books. There are a number of books and magazines in the house. The books about Greece and the local area are for reference – please leave them for others to enjoy. There are also a number of novels. Feel free to swap with one that you have brought
  • Security cameras. The house has four external security cameras. Two at the front covering the driveway and two at the back covering the back of the house and swimming pool area. The views form the cameras are shown below. There are no cameras inside the house. If you want more privacy around the pool: disconnect the camera on the upstairs terrace

General Instructions Kitchen Villa Camares

  • Kitchen Instructions. Detailed instructions for all kitchen appliances can be found in the drawer under the oven. Please replace them after use
  • Hob. The hob runs off gas. The gas can be cut off by depressing the small knob front right. If the hob fails to light check that this has not accidentally been pressed
  • Oven. The oven will not operate if the time has not been set – a power cut can cause this. To set the time press the clock button and the + and – buttons
  • Microwave combination oven. This operates differently from a normal microwave oven. Please read the instructions before use
  • Coffee machine. This makes coffee straight from beans. To use you need to pull out and fill the water reservoir (back left) – it lifts out so you can fill it at the tap. The hopper for beans is top right. The controls dials on the front allow you to adjust strength and size of coffee. You will occasionally need to empty the drip tray and coffee grounds bin. The machine will tell you when this needs doing. After emptying and rinsing the drip tray dry the metal contacts at the back of the tray with a bit of kitchen roll – if they are left wet the machine may think the tray is still full of water. The machine may occasionally say it needs cleaning or descaling. If this occurs then follow the instructions in the manual in the drawer under the oven.
  • Fridge-freezer. This dispenses cold water, ice cubes or crushed ice. Use the ‘Dispenser’ button to switch between these
  • Dishwasher. To switch the dishwasher on, press the on-off button, select the program. It will start as soon as you close the door. It projects a red light onto the floor to show it is still running

General Instructions Outside Villa Camares: pool and garden  

  • Keys. There is a box of keys in the table in the hallway. These allow you to lock the gates to the pool, the pool shed and the small cellar by the front steps where the gas barbecue is kept.
  • Swimming pool. The pool should need no maintenance, other than occasionally removing leaves or anything else that has fallen in. It automatically refills itself and filters the water. The pump will switch on two or three times per day.
  • Pool shed. The shed by the pool can be used for storing sun-loungers and sun umbrellas. Note that the shed is also used for storing chemicals and salt for keeping the pool clean. For this reason, we recommend that it is locked when not in use.
  • Pool lights. The lights round the pool are switched on two circuits – one on the wall on the left on just after the gate to the pool, the other inside the pool shed. Underwater lights are controlled by a remote control, kept in a basket inside the pool shed
  • Outdoor tables and chairs. There are several tables and chairs and one bench. These can be left out in occasional rain
  • Sun umbrellas. These are kept downstairs in the basement or in the pool shed. Please leave these down when not in use – the winds can be very strong and may damage them

Departure instructions

When you are leaving Villa Kamares, please…

  1. Switch off all air conditioning units
  2. Switch off the electric hot water heater
  3. Switch off all lights
  4. Check all taps in bathrooms and kitchen are closed
  5. Make sure sun umbrellas are down
  6. Put keys for pool shed and gates back in drawer in hallway
  7. Close all doors, windows and shutters.
  8. On leaving, lock the outside gates and put both sets of keys in the post box by the front gate

Contact phone numbers

If you have any problems with the house please call or WhatsApp

  • Wynne +44 7958 2261667
  • Andy +44 7710 842112

For cleaning

  • Elisabeth +30 698 2568035‬ (voice), +30 698 4001124‬ (WhatsApp)


  • Jorgo +30 697 9090099‬