"We want to buy houses in Greece, can you help us?". Target, area, budget

"We want to buy houses in Greece, can you help us?". Target, area, budget

Tips for those who want to buy houses in Greece: your own destination, area, budget and viewing trip. "We want to buy a house in Greece, can you help us?", It's quite common to usually open many interesting conversations. No answer is really the same because everyone's story is unique but there are some steps that are common.

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Your own goal

Most importantly, it is clear that you define your own goal of buying houses in Greece: is it a summerhouse or permanent accommodation? Do you want to expense your finances and rent the house to others? What do you usually do in your spare time? Do you want to stay longer periods and partly work from your Greek home?

Do you want to make a longer planning over a few years? First, buy land and then build your dream house? Perhaps you can invest in renovation and would like to grow your own food? Your own "why" is supervised because I then get the chance to help you in a better way.

In the picture: one of our objects in Mani


Note that although Greece is a country with (of all Swedes long-awaited Mediterranean climate) there are major differences between the northern and southern parts of the country and between the mountains, the coast and the inland. If you used to be in Greece only during the summer, it may be hard to imagine ice, snow and cold but it is quite common in northern Greece. For example, in Thessaloniki, temperatures are between December and March around + 1.

So if you want to buy houses in Greece to go skiing and sunbathing, maybe the area around Kalavryta is more relevant to you than lukewarm winters around Kalamata. If you want to rent out to other tourists from Sweden, it may be interesting to look at properties around Costa Navarino, a well-known Mecca for golfers. Are you looking for peace, Mani can fit you better. If you want to grow your own vegetables then maybe sea view is of less importance? The more I know, the better help you get.

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On the picture: fishing on the beach in Stoupa


Different areas have different price levels. Mani has a little cheaper item and with amazing sunsets, County is more expensive but easier to rent. The budget should fit your own goals.

But no matter what your final goal, you should have the funding and budget ready before you plan to search and invest. Then you know if you can afford what you can afford and you can also solve the purchase relatively quickly. Financing should be secured in Sweden.

As a Swedish, you have good reputation in Greece and can borrow to buy in some banks. However, banks are not particularly positive about lending money and usually require high cash (40-50%) and significantly higher interest rates than we are used to. The repayment period is usually set in relation to the borrower's age, which means that younger people get longer amortization and older significantly shorter. Having your funding organized in Sweden before you start looking at houses is therefore always recommended. Also note that Swedish banks do not lend to real estate purchases in Greece, but in such cases, collateral may be secured against collateral in Sweden.

Calculate your budget, knowing that at the time of purchase, approximately 11-12% additional costs (on the purchase price) will apply to legal costs, local property taxes, attorney fees, brokerage fees, etc. Do not forget about running operating costs (Budget planning for those who want to buy houses in Greece)!

In the picture: Terrace view from one of our objects

Viewing trip

As you know before (What should you know about when you want to buy houses in Greece), the views themselves do not cost you anything. You pay yourself travel expenses but if you want help with the practical, please feel free to contact me in advance. It's based on your wishes as the impressions are designed, however, it's important to decide an approximate date for viewing visits: it makes it easier for me and my partners to plan and look for appropriate items.

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In the picture: Serpent road between Kalamata and Stoupa

Note: You are not connected to anything and can quietly go home to wonder further. Expect approximately 3-4 days for views and stay a little longer to explore the area on your own.

Welcome to the Peloponnese and congratulations on your future Greek home!

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