Hikes in Greece and Peloponnese Mani via Husigrekland.se

Hiking in the Peloponnese with Kardamyli Mountain Activities

Husigrekland.se in cooperation with a professional team of hiking guides and guides will help you discover the beautiful West Mani with varied landscapes and a lot of history mixed in hikes.

Hiking activities are designed for groups of at least four participants. For both quality and security, groups larger than 12 people will be divided into smaller groups. Prior to each trip, you will be asked to sign an insurance document (note! You need home insurance!).

Please note that the guides do not speak Swedish, only English!

"Doubitsia" - optimal summer walk for florafantas

Doubitsia is a wild nature area that thorns over amazing Viros castle! The walk takes about 4-5 hours in shady conditions and is suitable for adults in normal to good condition. Taygetos and Chalasmenobergen dominate the distant horizon and together with the lush vegetation it forms a unique wild landscape. Most of the promenade is in shadow conditions, making it perfect for a summer walk.

  • Time: 8: 00 to 13: 30
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Suitability: Suitable for adults in normal to good condition
  • Recommended months: throughout the year but ideal for summer when the walk is in the shade
  • Price: 70 Euro per person and including hiking trails (than nine more than 4, you will walk with two dedicated guides) as well as individual tour planning.
  • important: For this guide, only hiking boots (low or high) and not exercise shoes are recommended!

"Viros Gorge" - optimal hiking for nature and history lovers

Viros is one of the four ravines on Taygeto's mountain range. The trail begins at the end of the river, located in Kardamili. Goes up to the castle through trees and bush vegetation and impressive geological formations where we discover two monasteries hidden in the woods.

  • The monastery LYKAKI was built year 1570, but the frescoes are from 1783. The church is in poor condition on the outside but on the inside the fresco is alive and in very good condition.
  • The SOTIRAS monastery was built at the site of the 1400 century, near a fountain with drinking water. At various points along the trail there are panoramic views of Messinian Bay and Taygetos Mountain.

Following the trail to Agia Sofia, the walk goes along a paved part to pass through Kardamili's old town and take a look at the ruins of Dioskouri tombs.

  • Time: 8: 00 to 13: 00
  • Difficulty: single
  • Suitability: Suitable for all, no prior walking experiences are required
  • Recommended months: from April to October
  • Price: 60 Euro per person including a walking tour and individual tour planning

"Ridomo" - the optimal walk for those who want to experience the spring

Ridomoravine is located at Taygeto Waterfront, ending in the Messinia Bay at Sadova Beach, which forms the natural border of West Mani. During 4-5 hours, you can view the ravine's fascinating rich geological features and its color palette, which is in perfect harmony with the magnificent and lush greenery.

  • Time: 8: 00 to 13: 30
  • Difficulty: medium, no previous walking experience required
  • Suitability: Suitable for everyone in normal to good condition
  • Recommended months: April to October
  • Price: 70 Euro per person and including hiking trails (other than 4, you will walk with two dedicated guides), individual tour planning, as well as coffee or drinks in a Greek kafenion up the mountain.
  • important: For this guide, only hiking boots (low or high) are recommended!

Peloponnese Roof - an all-day walk for the experienced

"Peloponnese roof", "Taygetos" - Pyramid peak on 2407 meter ... tough as only a solid cliff can be. The walk goes through Greek barrskog and continues through scenery with impressive rock formations. The amazing panoramic views will be the reward for your efforts. The ascension to the top of Taygetos is not just a climb: it's an inner journey and a pilgrimage to a legendary mountain rewritten in history.

  • Time: 5: 30 to 16: 00
  • Difficulty: Hard, previous experience of mountain hiking and climbing is needed
  • Suitability: Suitable for anyone with a very good fitness and mountaineering
  • Recommended months: May to November
  • Price: 110 Euro per person and inclusive (always!) Two hiking trails as well as individual tour planning
  • important: only hiking boots (low or high), hot clothes change, own food bag

Hikes in Taygetos: important to know

Most of the hikes are half-day activities (if you are interested in longer hikes, please contact us for a quote). The walks are for all ages, different fitness levels and seasons, detailed description of the various activities can be found below. Whichever hiking you choose, always remember to include:

  • filled water bottle (1 liter)
  • energy nuts (nuts or the like that add a quick energy boost)
  • sunbonnet
  • sunscreen (during the hot months)
  • Extra t-shirt and windproof jacket
  • hiking shoes or exercise shoes (open shoes, sandals or flip flops are inappropriate)
    backpack (if available)

We can also help you combine your walks with picnic (smallpox or dinner and local products only) at the end of the walk. There is also the possibility to book an opportunity to get submitted photos from the walk.

All hiking tours start at Kardamyli in front of the shop "2407 Kardamili Mountain Activities", where you can also buy shoes or rucksacks when needed. We will give you directions at the time of booking. Do you want to know the average temperature throughout the year? click here.

Hikes: Booking Conditions

It applies a 30% deposit to all bookings. For cancellations with up to 4 weeks notice will be charged 10% fee of the full booking for administrative costs. Remaining 70% is paid by bank transfer, credit card or cash on site.

Book here via email or booking formulary