Welcome to Stoupa in Peloponnese: out of season

Welcome to Stoupa in Peloponnese: out of season

Stoupa in the Peloponnese was described by many as one of the most beautiful villages along the coast. I can agree with this but would like to add: when the tourist season is over.

You turn a little on the pace and wait for the olive picking instead. However, it is never crowded in the village! Rather the opposite: the working owners now have the time to sit down for a while at your table and talk a bit and the local activities continue in a quieter pace.

Travel to Stoupa

During the period March to October, you can fly directly to Kalamata from Stockholm or Copenhagen (kTime table on Aegean Airlines). If you choose to come to Stoupa during the period November - February, where there is no direct flight to Kalamata Airport from Scandinavia, you can choose Athens as a flight destination and then you need to count on about 3,5 hours of car or bus travel from Athens Airport.

Hope that the pictures will inspire you to an autumn, winter or spring in Stoupa, Peloponnese, out of season: welcome!

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