Exclusive Rhetoric Course in Peloponnese, Greece: "Dare to Take the Leadership" or Rhetoric in Practice, 27 April-5 May 2019

Please note: The course is closed for registrations! If you are interested in completing your own course, contact Elwira via email.

Exclusive course in Peloponnese, Greece: "Dare to take the leadership role or rhetoric in practice"

In collaboration with the choreographer and director Sonja Vivianne Gube, we offer an exclusive from 27 April to 5 May 2019 course in sunny Greece for those who want or want to be better on oral communication: leader, teacher, seller or adviser. NOTE! Course registration closes 20 February 2019.

Course Description

courses combines educational benefits with time for recovery and relaxation. You will have practical and theoretical exercises just over 6 hours per day and can enjoy the Peloponnese / Stoupas sandy beaches and crystal clear sea in the last hours. Five days of education, a day of excursion and a day completely free of all sorts of things!

Max 12 participants will learn over a week to understand the importance of using the body language, voice and personal action in leadership role, everyday life and workplace.

  • How do we act and react We do not verbally in meetings with other people?
  • How do we understand each other's signals?
  • How do you become a good human connoisseur who can give hope and support.
  • How do you convey constructive criticism without creating a counterparty's defense?

Using classical rhetoric, drama education and roleplaying, you practice everyday work-related situations where personal action determines the outcome. You will work out to formulate your and your company's message in speech and writing.

The arrangement of the course complies with the Tax Agency's rules for deductions, which means that the rate is a deductible expense for the employer and it is not a taxable benefit for the course participant.

After the course you will:

  • become more confident in your own actions
  • become aware of your own personal strengths / weaknesses and with the same ability to focus better on reaching your own message
  • become more knowledgeable in the body language and the importance of the voice
  • have more control over nervousness
  • become aware of the importance of attendance

What is included in the course fee?

Course fee year 14 900 SEK excl. VAT per person and the fee includes:

  • 6 lesson hours per day and less than five days (30 lesson hours)
  • 8 overnight stays (single room) including breakfast at hotel Lefktron
  • lunch 6 days at Melissa Restaurant
  • common activity day 6: excursion to Ancient Messini + mosaics

About the teacher

Behind the concept is Sonja Gube: director, choreographer, mentor and lecturer. She teaches in classical rhetoric and then in the subject actio - the actual performance of the message and the art of expressing herself, the voice and the relationship with the room and the audience.

She is a Stockholmer who chose to settle in Gothenburg where she lectured in classical rhetoric, communication, behavior and body language for, among others, IKEA, UCG United Consultants Group, managers at the elite level, the Swedish Football Association and Volvo.

As director and choreographer, she worked with Lill-Babs, Lasse Berghagen, Sven-Bertil Taube, Monica Zetterlund, Lena Ph, Tommy Nilsson and Sven Wollter.

Read interview with Sonja Vivianne Gube

About the area in Greece

On the southern coast of Peloponnese in southern Greece and about 60 minutes drive from the nearest airport in Kalamata lies the beautiful and unspoiled village of Stoupa with warm, beautiful summers and mild winters.

You will live and conduct the course at Lefktron Hotel. Lefktron has a relaxed and family atmosphere and in the evenings you can listen to music in the bar or view magnificent sunsets on Stoupas beach which is only a 10-minute walk from the accommodation. Lunches are organized in a local tavern, which is an 1 minute walk from the hotel and each dish is cooked with love and passion.

The hotel has fresh and newly renovated rooms, all of which can be adapted for single-night stays. All rooms have a private balcony overlooking the pool or the sea.