Retorikkurs Stoupa, Peloponnese, Greece: travel to the destination

Please note: The course is closed for registrations! If you are interested in completing your own course, contact Elwira via email.

The rhetoric course "Dare to take the leadership role" is carried out in Stoupa, Peloponnese, Greece. The course fee does not include travel to the destination. Here are tips and suggestions from us on how to get to Stoupa. We recommend alternative one!

Option one: via Kalamata (the best option)

You are booking your flight (from Stockholm or Copenhagen) on Aegean. Note that the earlier you make the booking, the cheaper it will be: at the time of writing, Stockholm-Kalamata costs 305, 40 euro.

The destination Stoupa is about 40 km from the airport (about 1 hour car drive). If you do not want to take the bus from Kalamata bus station to Stoupa enter in course application if you want

  • borrow your own car rental (waiting for you at the airport)
  • order transfer on your own (the price for individual transfer is approximately 69 euro with local taxi company)
  • book group transfers

We will collect the transfer request and offer a shared expense in connection with the bookings. You will get suggestions for this when we know that the course is being conducted (the price is approximately 30 euro). As we announced earlier, the course will be conducted at least 8 reported.

Option two: via Athens airport

You book your flight through community sites like Momondo. The destination Stoupa is about 280 km from the airport (about 3,5 hours drive). If you do not want to take the bus from Athens to Kalamata and then on to Stoupa we recommend that you use the service Foxtransfer or Suntransfers. If you want to rent your own car, we recommend the service

General about accommodation

You will live and conduct the course at Lefktron Hotel. The accommodation included in the course fee is booked.of the 5 May 2019. Do you want to stay longer in Stoupa or do you want to bring a family member who is not going to complete the course? Notify us about this via course application. We will be returning to you with price and more information. Read more about the accommodation here.