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30 October 2019

Travel to Peloponnese with the whole family. Experience calm, history and culture: customer interview

Greece Longing? Travel to Peloponnese and bring your family and friends! The scenic peninsula offers tranquility, history and culture, even after the biggest tourist rush!

Elias and I can help you find accommodation that fits your goals and your budget. We list carefully selected rental properties for both short and long term rentals and for smaller and larger companies.

Each visitor has different goals and different stories

The best thing about my job is precisely the contact with other people: each visitor has different stories, different goals and different expectations. And, as I usually say, the more I know about you, the better accommodation I can find for you and your loved ones.

However, when it popped into my inbox on June 20, I did not think it would be “a rental project”…. And certainly not that we should “welcome” the youngest traveler in our company's history… Nor that we should have the pleasure of meeting so many experienced travelers who soon began to feel like the best of friends.

The Blohm family: "There will probably be a number of trips back"

res peloponnesos familyHello to you Birgitta, Gösta, Ida and Anna-Myra (3 months!). Do you remember how our relationship began?

BGIB: Yes I do! It started with a wild idea from our family after Ida saw one of your fantastic prospects. Maybe our whole family should start a guest house or bed and breakfast in Peloponnese?

But then we started talking to you and you explained a little more what challenges you need to count on. And then it was a research trip to the cradle of Greece instead.

All of you, well except Anna-Myra, are experienced travelers and have previously made incredible trips with children?

BGIB: Yes you can say that we are. Gösta and I traveled in Europe and especially in Eastern Europe during the 70 century and participated in many exciting experiences, then the Trans-Siberian railway to China and back home in the 80 century.

Decided to go around the world for six months with our three children, 4 years, 6 years and 9 years 1990-91, of which we spent three and a half months in New Zealand. We tell about our experiences at the Pearlfisher: the family's Blohm travel blog.

It was an experience that was fantastic and it also made us want to share with us the experiences of traveling with children. Getting families with children to understand that it is not that complicated just planning based on the needs of the children. This was a long answer but it is with these experiences in the luggage that we can be called experienced and our daughters have followed in our footsteps and our whole family is curious to discover new places and meet new people and with Elwira and Elias it feels like if we found our soul mates.

What made you choose Peloponnese?

BGIB: It was all of your fantastic website that made us want to discover that part of Greece. In addition, we did not actually travel on our own in Greece before.

Did the flight with Anna-Myra go well? Do you have any tips for parents flying with young children?

BGIB: Yes a lot: If you travel with as small children as Anna-Myra (3 months) you can think of having a travel sulky with sleeping position, as well as mosquito nets.

Car seat. Both sulky and highchair are checked in as special luggage at no extra cost.

Ida had with her a baby nest that AM slept in while she was in the carriage and also in the bed, she also had a carrier belt.

Also, remember that at take-off and landing, it is good if the child is breast-fed or given a baby bottle or pacifier to reduce the risk of ear pain.

If you want a cot, tell the landlords well in advance so it usually works out. Sun hat, thin shell as sun visor in sun visor.

It was an eager email between us before all the nights were booked and ready. How did you feel that planning and communication worked?

BGIB: Excellent. All the time fast feedback and it felt like you understood what we were looking for.

I remember my first visit to the Peloponnese and especially to the Manio area. Can you tell us about your experience?

BGIB: Our first experience of Mani was the winding roads down to Stoupa after we left Kalamata. Our first accommodation, ”Beloved daughters”, Was also fantastic. Then Stoupa, the good food, the nice beaches. The Greek mood, everyone was so nice.

These small pebble beaches (bathing shoes are recommended if you do not want to crawl out of the sea!). Excursion destinations that you should not miss, and which you also recommended us, including Diros Cave. Absolutely magical to slip into the underground on a small boat, also worked with AM. And then Areopolis! A very old town with narrow alleys and many flowered balconies. It was hard to see all the nice houses. We also had the opportunity to visit Agios Nikolaos where we ate good food at a restaurant in the harbor.

You were in Messinia 13 days and spent the night in three different places. What are the best vs. the worst memories?

BGIB: It was very good accommodation but of a different nature and that was the way we wanted it. Maybe our favorite was The Olive Grove near Kardamyli which is also a very nice little village.

The food was absolutely amazing, not once during our entire stay were we unhappy. Very fresh fish. Whole roast pork or chicken at Taverna Melissa or traditional Greek home cooking at Maria's Taverna in Stoupa. We liked the food, the environments, the people, the sea, the heat, the mountains.

Stoupa and Kardamyli were the nicest we thought. Chrani might not be our favorite even though the house (Paralia Spiti) we stayed in was good. Felt like a typical holiday resort that was pretty dead in October. However, we made several very nice excursions from Chrani which were exciting. Voidokilia Beach was one of these. It was an absolutely incredible place not to be missed. The cities of Pylos, Methoni and Koroni are also exciting to visit.

Do you think you had the time to see everything and have finished exploring the Peloponnese or will there be several trips to the peninsula?

BGIB: We haven't seen everything we've just started exploring Peloponnese so there will probably be a number of trips back again. Right now we have a good friend and Yoga teacher who turns 60 next year and is looking for a place where she can gather her whole family. There, Husigrekland has a lot to come with that we can recommend her.

Thanks to the Blohm family! It will be a pleasure to tell you about several gems in the area and meet you in the shade of a little ouzo!


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