From rain in Gothenburg - to the sun in Greece or our story

From rain in Gothenburg - to the sun in Greece or our story

"From rain in Gothenburg to the sun in Greece or you can choose where your desk should be" is the title of an interview with me and Elias, published in the Network Marketing Managers and their online and printed magazines under the theme "Entrepreneurs".

We are very happy and very grateful for the time and attention we received and hope that several Swedish companies and organizations will soon discover what wonders the beautiful nature of the Peloponnese can do for their employees and employees. We are also looking forward to contacts with the entrepreneurs looking for attractive course destinations.

Below interview with us published in the network Marketing managers. Please read several of my articles at the Marketing Managers.

From rain in Gothenburg to the sun in Greece or you can choose where your desk should stand

Beach, turquoise water and the sound of ocean waves. It's not just beautiful. It makes us feel good too. People who love the beach feel better and work better, this has been proven by several researchers for many years. Something Elwira Kotowska and Elias Johnsson from Gothenburg believe and want to take advantage of, a few entrepreneurs (55 +) with visions and goals.

Elwira Kotowska (project manager) and Elias Johnsson (business consultant) then dreamed about 2014 a life in the sun that can be combined with their work. Elwira, born in Warsaw and moved to Sweden 1991, has a real entrepreneurial spirit and a cosmopolitan approach to life and living. Elias, born in Athens and moved in to Småland 1968, has a slightly more pragmatic attitude to reality. After three years of planning and preparation, in December the 2017 ruled the car against their dream location: Greece, Peloponnese and the beautiful Manio area.

- Rushed and rushed, it was a thorough planning behind, that's my profession. We laid it as a three-year project and were clear about what should happen both to family, friends and business associates.
- We generally do not have definitive and final security in life. With my Excel, I dare to say that I have a look at the situation. That's what I'm best at!

ELWIRA AND ELIAS say many of their friends and family members thought it "over", others might wait until "the economy down there is more stable" and that it would be wiser to wait until they are happy retirees.
- Such a decision requires evaluating how relations should develop in the future. All our family members live in different cities and countries. We meet a couple of times a year, however, always something quick and short on every occasion.
- How will it be in the future? The visual need is easily fixed via video services and I am convinced that longer visits will increase the quality of our relationships. Reinforce and deepen.

- Greece was an obvious choice for us: Elias has a Greek background and I grew up in a country that has a preference for the ancient Greek history and culture.
- And it was also clear that it would be the mainland for none of us to be all inclusive and would like to live in an area with far too many tourists.

PARED TELLS THAT one needs to be awake during trips made before the move and meet other like-minded compatriots or Greeks in Greece. It is important to create a network before moving, check on the social media you yourself are active in: who has done it and how they have done it.
- Both I and Elias have with us assignments that we can work with remotely but we also have a project under development: which is aimed at both private individuals and companies and other entrepreneurs.

THE BOTH BRINNER for flexible workplaces and believes that digitization opens up for a labor market where the boundaries between leisure and work are blurred. Also, competence development and courses should offer destinations and forms of education where there is time for reflection.
- Working at a distance and remote is no longer something that only the younger generation can do. You do not need to call yourself a digital nomad if you want to work for 6- 8 months outside your office! You can be 55 + as we are and work with other is travel reporting!
- We all need skills development to cope with the future but forms of education should be reviewed. How else can we put the new skills into practice when you need to go to the office the next day?

WITH HUSIGREKLANDSE THE CONCEPT, they want to offer project management and research in the Peloponnese and Messinia for those companies who want to find combined holiday and job places for their own employees and for those entrepreneurs who are looking for attractive course destinations.

Elwira Kotowska Elias Johnsson Husigrekland

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