Buy a tavern in Stoupa: move to Greece and find a way to support you and your family


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30 000 €

Do you dream of moving to Greece and want to find a way to support you and your family? Buy a taverna in Stoupa and make your dreams come true!

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youMany people have the same vision, to move to the sunshine and warmth! But is it possible to combine the dream and a wonderful way of living? We have the solution: buy and invest in an already popular tavern in Stoupa! This taverna is a fabulous opportunity to run a successful business in Stoupa, as it is in a highly popular location and already very well established.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-you“To dare is to lose the foothold for a while. Not to dare is to lose oneself ”, Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

Object ID EKJ1812, Tis Marias o Kafenes, Stoupa, Mani

"Της Μαρίας ο καφενές", Tis Marias o Kafenes has a slightly different tavern concept: different dishes are offered here every day! The place is much appreciated by those who want to eat vegetarian but of course you will find meat dishes here as well.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youThe tavern has a sea view, is beautifully located on a small beach in Stoupa, Halikoura, which is about 20 meters from your future workplace.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-you“Tis Marias o Kafenes” is valued by many for its food concept but also for location: sea-close but at a less busy back street. Your guest can also sit in the evenings, having a lovely meal and enjoying the world famous exquisite sunsets over the sea in this amazing part of Greece.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youCurrently, "Tis Marias o Kafenes" leases the premises (outdoor dining + approx. 50 sqm workspace) with 2-year contract. If you want to make another appointment, negotiate the new agreement directly at place.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youEven though the tavern has (mostly) international English speaking customers, you (or someone in your family) will need to speak basic Greek to communicate with some vendors.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-you"Tis Marias o Kafenes" was open year-round during the first two years, the last four years it has being run from Greek Easter (last week in April) to mid-October.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youThe tavern is known for its unique and successful concept: the classic Greek cuisine in small (meze) portions!

Cost of running the business

It takes 2-3 people to run the business and your costs will depend on, among other things, how many people you need to hire. The usual salary is about 4 euros per hour + insurance for the employee. Short overview of other costs:

  • electricity per month: during 6 working months approximately 500-600 euros, the rest of the year 350 euros in total.
  • Local rent per month: 414 euros throughout the year (expect about 10-15 % higher for the new agreement)
  • water about 200 euros per year

You can get the costs you need to consider for beer, wine and food suppliers when you arrive on site to start negotiations with the tavern's current owner (English speaking). You can basically open the tavern directly: the current owner is there and will help you get started.

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youPrice and what is included in the purchase

Price to take over the business varies depending on when you want to complete the purchase:

  • From November to Christmas 2019: 30000 €
  • From Christmas 2019 to Easter 2020: 40000 €

The purchase includes the entire enclosure:

  • all necessary kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, metal worktops, heating tables, stove, micro, coffee makers and more (full list will be provided if interested)
  • kitchen utensils, cutlery and crockery
  • 65 chairs (36 wood, 29 metal) + 2 highchairs for children, all in good condition
  • 16 table (8X wood, 8 metal), all in good condition
  • wind and sun protection for outdoor dining
  • three large floor fans for the hot days
  • a wood burning stove for the cold days
  • all food products (including olive oil, beer, wine and more) with long sustainability available at the time of purchase will be left
  • full list of names and phone numbers of current beer, wine and food suppliers

You can also take over the company name, social media accounts, and the whole concept of food service. The current owner will help you get started with the concept!

  • All questions regarding results and sales are answered directly by the owner, we provide contact information only to serious stakeholders
  • If you want to ask a lawyer, we recommend our Swedish-Greek-English-speaking lawyer in Athens and provide contact information for serious interests
  • If you want help with accommodation then email us directly

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youOther facts you should know about

  • The tavern was opened for the first time 2013
  • The tavern has an average of 40-60X people per day who on average order for 15-18 euros per person (current price list is emailed at interest)
  • The tavern has on Tripadvisor "Certificate of Excellence Winner 2016 - 2019" (link)
  • Recommendations at Maria's FB consist of many happy customers “Delicious, wholesome, authentic, rustic, traditional Greek food! The best I've ever tasted! Extremely warm and friendly welcome, beautiful setting off the beaten track a little bit away from all the main crowds, looking over the sea .. I cried a little bit thinking it was that beautiful .. We ate here 3 consecutive nights and didn ' don't even ask what the options where we just let Maria feed us! I felt like I was visiting a dear old friend or relative… So wonderful! ” (link to FB page)
  • Note: the map does not indicate the exact location but only shows the area

kop-tavern-stoupa-move-greece-supply-youAbout the area: Peloponnese and Stoupa

On the southern coast of Peloponnese in Greece and about 60 minutes drive from the nearest airport in Kalamata (or about 3,5 hour drive from Athens International Airport) lies the beautiful and unspoiled village of Stoupa with warm, beautiful summers and mild winters.

beach kalogria stoupa pelopones greece

Beach Kalogria

With two lovely sandy golden beaches (as well as several smaller beaches), this once sleepy village has become more and more popular as a tourist destination but still retains the real Greece.

Beach Stoupa

“Once Stoupa, always Stoupa” it is said and very well most tourists are faithful and repeat visitors which is why customer service and response are crucial to managing a business.

cup house greece beach stoupaHalikoura Beach in November (the one closest to the Tis Marias tavern)

Dutch, Germans, Norwegians, Poles, Englishmen, Swedes and Greeks: International guests of the year! Many of the returnees also chose to settle near Stoupa.


Contact me at or call me 0046:703247949. We have also collected some extra tips on the blog: see Tips for home buyers in Greece or Move to the Greece story.

  • 30 000 €
  • Messinia Mani
  • Seaview
  • pool
  • Beachfront
  • Garden