Do you want to run your own business in Greece? Olive and orange cultivation about 25 km from Monemvasia


For sale
250 000 €
43 000 sqm

Do you want to run your own business in Greece? We currently have an olive and orange cultivation for sale near the resort of Monemvasia which can offer you a life you long for! The cultivation is just 5 km from a nice beach and the owner will help you get in touch with the buyers of olive oil and orange fruit.

own company greece for sale olive-orange cultivation monemvasia

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The cultivation is located in the municipality of Monemvasia, near the village of Pakia and the town of Moláoi where you will find grocery stores, taverns and other services. The cultivated land is on 4,3 hectares and the owner today produces about 2 tons of his own extra virgin olive oil and exports 100XXXX tons of oranges.

The cultivated land is equipped with automatic irrigation system and the property has its own water source. The current owner sells the water to the nearest farms during the period June-July-August. The farm has since 1995 delivered oil and oranges and has a lot of companies that buy up and appreciate the quality of the fruits.

The property also includes an older farmhouse of 75 sqm and and a smaller garden where you can grow grapes or other fruits.

own company greece for sale olive-orange cultivation monemvasia

Growers in the area are known for delivering an excellent olive oil and orange fruit, which is why there are already a lot of large companies that buy fruit and oil and can be transferred to a new buyer. A great advantage for those who want to live here is the proximity to beaches and attractions: the nearest beach is about 5 km away and the town of Monemvasia is just 24 km away.

Do you want suggestions on expanding the house? We can also help you find local construction and architectural companies that you can use for the job. You and your family can control how much work you want to do yourself or if you want to get turnkey suggestions. Read on our partners here

Other facts you should know about

  • Plot: 43000 sqm, 480 olive trees, 1100 orange trees, own water source
  • House: 75 sqm
  • building Permits: up to 200 sqm
  • Information about internet costs: Cosmote
  • Supermarket and other service: Moláoi, about 2 km
  • Nearest beach: Elia, about 5 km
  • Monemvasia: approx. 24 km
  • Airport Kalamata: approx. 150 km
  • Taxi from Kalamata: about 120-150 (
  • Note: the map does not indicate the exact location but only shows the area!

About Lakonia, Monemvasia and Peloponnese

Lakonia (Greek Λακωνία, Lakonia) is a Greek region part of the southeasternmost province of Peloponnese in southern Greece. Laconia borders north to Arcadia, to the east to the Argolic Gulf and to the west to the Messenian and Messianic Gulf. The main town is Sparta.

View towards Sparta from Mystras

For those of you who are interested in history and etymology: The Spartans, among other things, were notorious because they placed great emphasis on expressing themselves briefly and richly in their conversations. From here, the noun laconism (Greek laconism) and the adjective laconic have emerged as a term for a short, core expression of great importance.

monemvasia Peloponnese house GreeceMonemvasia in Peloponnese is a fortified Byzantine small town located on a cliff in the sea, 400 meters from shore. The city's name comes from two Greek words: mone and emvasia, which means "an entrance". The city was founded in the 500 century and became a very important port for, among others, Mystras, and remained under Byzantine rule for almost 700 years. The cliff is one of Greece's most impressive and famous landmarks.

Want to read more about Peloponnese? Continue to our sister site: Guide to the Peloponnese.


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  • 43 000 sqm
  • 250 000 €
  • Peloponnese region
  • Seaview
  • pool
  • Beachfront
  • Garden