Visiting Peloponnese? Plan your stay and stay in Monemvasia Castle!

Visiting Peloponnese? Plan your stay and stay in Monemvasia Castle!

Whether you are in Peloponnese only for a short visit or if you stay a little longer: a stay and overnight in Monemvasia Castle is almost mandatory!

peloponnese visited monemvasia castleMonemvasia in Peloponnese is a fortified Byzantine small town located on a cliff in the sea, 400 meters from land. The half-island is connected to the mainland with a landing tongue of 200 meters, and you can both walk, eat and sleep.

peloponnese visited monemvasia castleMonemvasia = "mone (mono)" and "emvasia (envasi)"

The city's name comes from two Greek words: "mone (mono)" and "emvasia (envasi)", which means "just one entrance". The city was founded in the 500s and became a very important port for Mistras, among others, and remained under Byzantine rule for nearly 700 years. The cliff is one of Greece's most impressive and well-known landmarks.

peloponnese visited monemvasia castle

From 1971, a bridge was built from the land, and it was the beginning of the city's "resurrection". This medieval settlement is thus inhabited again and it is surrounded by cozy alleys, cafes and small hotels. Please visit Event page in Monemvasia.

Spend the night in the fortification itself: a night here is like retreating from the present and the outside world. And for those who want to invest in Monemvasia: click here.

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