About us

265 days of sunshine a year and carpe diem

Are you dreaming of buying a house in Greece? Or a plot where you can build your dream house? Do you want to find a destination for remote work or complete your course in sunny Greece? Then you are not alone in that! Elias and I have been thinking about that since the beginning of 2014. In December 2015, we made the decision and invested in a plot in Nomitsi, in Mani in the Peloponnese. Two years later, in December 2017, we started working remotely from Greece and on September 1, 2020, we moved to our own house! We are your Housefinders in the Peloponnese!

From Sweden to Greece

Many acquaintances shook their heads and did not think we would complete the project. Are you really going to move from the safe, digital and well-organized Sweden to the (almost) analogous Greece? And, yes, that's partly true. Greece needs to wait a while longer to discover Swish, online bookings and digital networking. In Greece, the personal meeting is still crucial if you want to succeed in implementing your plans.

And then the "other" acquaintances, those who believed in us (read interview here): "But there are no problems, you can do it! We'll get to take a digital AW Elwira and we'll see you, right? ”. Believe it or not but a lot still keep in touch with us!

For Elias and me, “our” Greece is a way to find the balance between concentration and distraction, between hard-line goals and rebellious freedom, between rule and spontaneity. We know how we want to live. And many ideas about developing our business idea are based on what we ourselves believe in and want to help others with.

Is it better to live in Greece or in Sweden?

We often get that question. And the answer is: it depends. It depends on who you ask and what do you mean by "better"? Almost always when we answer, I am reminded of a journey that Elias and I made in 2015: from Rome to Athens.

On the hotel terrace in Rome we met a German woman from Stuttgart who was in Rome for the first time in her life. We asked what she thought of Rome. “I don liket like Rome at all! To hot! To many people! To dirty! No organization at all when you visit famous places and I will never visit this city again ”! The next day we went to the airport to fly to Athens and at the table next to us sat two Greek ladies from Athens who were on their way home after visiting the world city. And Elijah began to laugh out loud. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Well, they are sitting and talking about their visit to Rome! And they say ”. “God what a beautiful city! Hot enough and not too many people everywhere! Clean and tidy unlike Athens and what order and order with correct queues it was when we visited the Colosseum! ”

I myself thought via that the queues into the Colosseum were pure torture and I have not seen any order there at all but you understand what I mean? Better or worse depends on who you ask, right? And yes, there are big differences between the two countries, so we usually almost always answer as follows: “The climate is fantastic, the people are charmingly chaotic and talkative, the internet connection sucks in a lot of places and the Yellow Pages online work better than google when you need to get information. But the nearest neighbor or guy who works at the coffee shop has even better answers than the Yellow Pages. Life is not easier but so much easier! ”. 

The meaning of life is to live now and not wait for "later"

My name is Elwira Kotowska and together with my partner Elias Johnsson we are "Housefinder" in the Peloponnese, Greece. Feel free to read more about the area here. It is 99,9% certain that it is with me that you should talk to if you want to buy or rent through us. Elias concentrates more on remote assignments from Sweden and on expanding our Greek network: my Greek is not so good (but there is hope!). I am an experienced project manager and business developer, and you can feel safe with me. Whether you want to holiday, buy or invest, I will help you:

  • Find the right object 
  • Find the right area 
  • Choose the right time 
  • Get the right help 

I have also registered in Greece my next company, Housefinders Peloponnese, Real Estate Services, VATNO EL167898208. We offer our services for private individuals (buying / renting holiday homes), for companies (finding destinations for remote jobs or kickoffs), for interest groups or entrepreneurs (investing, conducting courses or circles). Email me and tell me how can I help you, your family or your business.