8th February 2018.

Mandatory Tourist Tax in Greece: Are your vacation much more expensive?

The 1 January 2018 introduced a new compulsory tourist tax in Greece. The tax is calculated on the number of hotel stars and varies between 0,5 euros and 4 euros per night.

Tourist tax: nothing specific to Greece just

To introduce tourist tax is not something "Greek". Spanish tourist sites like Mallorca and Ibiza already have a tourist tax which will apparently double in 2018 (source). The tax on the simplest hotels is 0,25 Euro and on the most expensive it is 4 Euro. The fee does not apply per person, but only per hotel room and night. Please note that the tax is paid on site and is not included in the price via, for example, travel companies. But it must be stated on the receipt that it refers to this tax.

Stayover tax: for your reservation

As an extra payment, you will pay at check-in or check-out and in addition to the price you received at the time of booking as well as a receipt without VAT (no VAT on the tax).

The following applies to hotels:

  • 0,50 cents on one-and two-star hotels
  • 1,50 euro at three star hotels
  • 3,00 euro at 4-star hotels
  • 4,00 euro at 5-star hotels

When it comes to furnished rooms, the following applies:

  • 0, 25 cents for room for one or two people
  • 0, 50 cents for room for three people
  • 1, 00 euro for room for four people

What type of accommodation is not covered by the tourist tax?

Accommodation facilities that are exempt from the stayover tax include organized campsites, hostels, tourist complexes, apartment hotels, accommodation in traditional complexes, accommodation for self-catering - furnished mansions (villas) and accommodation for self-catering - furnished housing. (source)

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