rent house long term greece


Do you want to find a house or apartment that you can rent for a long time? It is very difficult to find long term rentals in Greece, especially in the area where we work: around Kalamata and Nafplio. Renting a home in Greece for a long time requires a lot of contacts and previous relationships. Partly because short-term rentals are much more economically profitable for landlords and partly because there are slightly different legal rules in Greece when it comes to rentals. In general, there are no major players in the housing rental market in Greece. But we have some accommodations that we present below. Please note that for long-term rentals, our commission is 10% from the entire rental period. Payment is made to Housefinders Peloponnese, Real Estate Services, VATNO EL167898208. If you do not find what you are looking for, write an email to Elwira: or fill in the form below the link here.