70 sqm

2 bedroom

Rent house in Greece: exclusive accommodation, generous pool and a view you will never forget!
The "Hilltop" complex. The houses were built on a hill overlooking Messinia and on a 8300 sqm large plot with olive trees and decorative bushes
Family Reunion, Friend Hits or Exclusive Yoga Course in Greece Kardamyli
"Olive Peaceful Houses", Kardamyli. Here you can spend time with each other and get the chance to escape from everyday life and find peace to plan the future
Course or event in the facility where one of the competitions in Masters of Master was played in Greece
Do you want to arrange a course, activity or event at the same place where one of the competitions in Masters of Master was recorded?
Subscription course, writing course or just be barbecue with friends: come to Greece and Stoupa
Come to Elektra's peaceful house: beachfront in a quiet area with aroma of thyme, basil and olive trees
Course or kickoff in Greece? Choose Stoupa as a destination!
Course or kickoff? Check out Stoupa, book through us accommodation and carry out the activity 100 meters from the beach
Bookcircle, stickkurs, watercolor course in Greece: rent the facility in Koroni
Rent the whole plant, enjoy the sun, the warmth and historical sites close to the ancient Koroni!
Art courses, theater workshop, yoga or family holiday in Greece, Stoupa
Arts courses, theater workshop, yoga, family holiday here you have everything you need to complete your project!
Remote jobs, coworking places or just relaxing in Greece
Interest in remote job / coworking places is increasing and Greece offers everything your employees need