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Buy a house built with love for nature and a co-ownership in an olive grove of 15000 sqm


Buy a house, built with love for nature and a co-ownership in an olive grove of 15000 sqm: here you will find your own Ithaka. A fantastic idyll, relaxation and peace, the rustle of the olive trees and mighty views that will inspire many.

The entire olive grove is 15 square meters and is located in the Peloponnese, Messinia County, Kalliroi district in the municipality of Meligalas. Three houses were built in the olive grove: each of them with its own private plot and with an associated 000% co-ownership in the olive grove. Each owner is obliged to pay 24% of common expenses for, for example, pruning of olive trees and similar. In matters concerning the olive grove and the houses, the owner has 24% of the votes.

Unlike most other houses that are built according to finished drawings without taking into account the specific location, this house is in the smallest detail adapted to its surroundings. It is unique and can only be found right here, beautifully nestled in an terraced hillside of an old olive grove where olive trees give coolness and cast their shadows over the facade walls.

The roofs of folded zinc play with the contours of the mountains and have the same silvery, green color as the underside of the leaves of the olive trees, while the facades capture the deep green top of the same leaf.

Object ID: EKJ1834, Kalliroi, Meligalas, County

The house is built in two half floors connected by a half staircase of five steps. The level difference between the two levels is 1,2 m. This corresponds to the height of the terrace walls in the grove. In the house you will find 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and open plan kitchen / living room.

  • Two bedrooms (one larger and one smaller) share a bathroom. Here you can stand in the shower while enjoying the play of light over the mountains a mile away. The bathrooms are lined with glass mosaic. From the larger bedroom you go to your own private patio
  • The last third bedroom is excellently suited as a guest room with en suite bathroom, private entrance and private patio
  • In the corridors there are generously sized spaces for cabinets and washing machines
  • Natural cross ventilation means that you will not have to install A / C

The ceiling height inside the house varies between 2,7 and 3,2 m. Wherever you are in the house you have a view of the olive grove, your own garden or the mountains. In the living room, the rear wall is equipped with a glass-doored wood stove that spreads heat to the other rooms. Towards the valley and the mountains in the distance (in clear weather you can also glimpse the sea) a mighty panoramic window towers up, four meters wide and two and a half meters high. The house is built on a solid, moisture-insulated foundation, has a zinc roof (guaranteed maintenance-free for a hundred years), wooden floors and windows as well as a facade / frame of brick and plaster painted in green. Below are pictures from your nearest beach that can be reached in about 25 minutes!

Other facts you should know about

  • Price: € 140000
  • Building year: 2010
  • Architects: Johan Annerhed and Maria Papafingos from OOAK Architects
  • Recent renovation: 2016
  • Living Area: 105 sqm + 3 terraces: 50 + 10 + 10 sqm
  • Plot: 3600 sqm
  • Regarding the olive grove: about 40 liters of olive oil per owner + about 100-150 € per owner for maintenance costs
  • Nearest Beach: approx. 30 km
  • Nearest tavern: approx. 5 km
  • Nearest supermarket and community: Meligalas ca 7 km
  • Kalamata Airport: approx. 33 km
  • Athens airport: approx. 247 km
  • Note: the map does not indicate the exact location but only shows area!
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Messinia County, Peloponnese, Greece

Peloponnese: Classical Greece (although it was not an island but a peninsula until the Corinth Canal was completed in 1893). This peninsula is full of history and the places are close to each other. It was here that a large part of ancient history began and in the Iliad more than 20 places from the Peloponnese are mentioned. Messinia County is made up of several different municipalities with small genuine Greek communities, all west of Kalamata. The popular beaches and resorts Koroni, Methoni and Pylos is close and despite the winding roads it does not take very long to get around that part of Messinia.

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