Our partners can help you buy a house or plot where you can build your house in Messinia County, ie near Koroni

Do you want to buy a house or build your house close to charming Koroni, Messinia, Peloponnese?


Do you want to buy or build houses close to charming Koroni in Messinia and sunny Peloponnese? Most of the advertised houses that you will find on our page with sales objects is located in the Mani or Avia Messinia area as well as close to Nafplio. But of course we can help you buy a house or a plot where you can build your house also in Messinia County, that is, close to Koroni.

We have networks and trusted agents who can take care of you and fulfill your dreams. The simplest is that you fill in our registration of interest below the link here and indicate in the message area how close to Koroni you want to buy. Also consider the following:

Your own goal

Your own "why" is important because then we get the chance to help you in a better way.

  • Most important of all is of course that you define your own goal of buying house in Greece: is it a summer house or permanent resident?
  • Do you want to extend your finances and let the house to others? Do you want to stay longer periods and partly work from your Greek home?
  • Do you want to make a longer planning over a few years? First, buy land and then build your dream house?
  • Maybe you are investing in a renovation and would like to grow your own food?
  • When do you plan to realize the investment?


  • Different areas have different price levels. But no matter what your ultimate goal is, you should have the financing and budget ready before you plan to look and invest. Then you know if you can afford it, what you can afford and you can also redeem the purchase relatively quickly. Funding should be secured in your home country!
  • The banks are not very positive about lending money and in principle all loan applications are rejected if you are not registered in the country. Having your finances arranged in your home country before you start looking at houses is therefore always recommended.
  • Calculate your budget, knowing that at the time of purchase you will receive approximately 12-15% additional costs and do not forget about operating costs (Budget planning for those who want to buy houses in Greece)!

It may take a little longer than you expected. It may cost a little more than you expected. It may be something completely different than you thought. But no matter what happens, you dared to take the plunge! Congratulations! And welcome to your Greek home near Koroni!