Long-term rental: Do you want to rent accommodation in Greece for a long time?

It is very difficult to find long-term rentals in Greece, especially in the area where we work: around Kalamata and Nafplio. Renting a residence in Greece for a long time requires a lot of contacts and previous relationships. Partly because short-term rental is much more economically profitable for landlords and partly because there are slightly different legal rules in Greece when it comes to rentals. Generally speaking, there are no major players in the housing rental market in Greece at all.

long term rental rent greece long term

Rent for a month or longer via us

As I said, relationships are important! Because we have built a wide network, we can offer you a long-term rental around Kalamata and Nafplio. The reason why we will not post these houses and apartments among our rental property listings is quite simple: we need to build a relationship with you and understand your goal with the rental!

long term rental rent greece long term

Long Term Rental: What Does It Cost?

It is quite difficult to answer exactly the question above. The price per month depends on the months and how many months you want to sign the contract. It is also a matter of your needs: heating, internet connection, cleaning, proximity to grocery stores and the like.

long term rental rent greece long term

I want to rent for a long time!

What fun, we can certainly help you and you can start with one email to Elwira:

  • What area is interesting for you: around Nafplio or Kalamata?
  • What months and how long do you want to rent?
  • What is your maximum budget?

Our landlords have different payment and deposit terms and we will notify you of these after we find a rental object you are looking for.

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