Buy house, apartment, plot in the Thessaloniki area

Do you want to buy a house, apartment or property in the Thessaloniki area?

Do you want to buy a house, apartment or property in Thessaloniki and surroundings? We have trusted partners who can help you find what you are looking for. The beautiful city is high on the wish list and is also a favorite for the Greeks themselves who like to go to the beautiful neighborhoods over the weekends. For a while, Elwira received a lot of inquiries about the possibility of investing in Thessaloniki or nearby Chalkikidi.

Get to Thessaloniki with the surrounding area

Thessaloniki (or Saloniki as many Greeks say) is located at the Therma Bay of Macedonia and has about 1 million inhabitants. Here you will find fantastic shopping, many Christian and Byzantine churches and buildings to watch, museums, a fantastic promenade and a fantastic nightlife in the evenings.

There are direct flights from both Gothenburg and Stockholm so you will easily reach your holiday home. You can also reach Thessaloniki via the port of Igoumenitsa (about 3,5 hours).

Macedonia and Thessaloniki

The beautiful city of Thessaloniki is located in Macedonia and along the centers and eastern parts of the thermal baths. In the vicinity there are Many places worth your attention: Halkidiki, Thassos Island, Katerini and Edessa.

If you are unsure, you can ask most Greeks who live in Sweden, so they always have a place in the Thessaloniki area that they think is amazing.

Thessaloniki is a historic seaside town and was founded by 315 BC by the Macedonian Cassander who named the city after his wife and also the sister of Alexander the Big.

She got her name after King Filip II of Macedonia after he was notified of her birth the same day he defeated the Thessalies. The name means "victory over the Thessalies" (Thessalo Níke). In the Byzantine Empire, the city was the second most important and second largest after ConstantinopleIll apart from Athens there are green parks and squares.

Buy house, apartment, plot in Thessaloniki or nearby areas

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