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Do you want to buy a house, an apartment or a property in Nafplio or Tolo?

Do you want to buy a house, apartment or property in Nafplio? We have trusted partners who can help you find what you are looking for. The beautiful Nafplio is high on the wish list and is also a favorite for the Greeks themselves who like to go there during the weekends. For a while, Elwira received a lot of inquiries about the possibility of investing in Napoli or nearby Tolo. See current items on our site.

Get to Nafplio

Nafplio (or Nauplion) is located on the Argolic Gulf in the northeastern Peloponnese and has just over 15 000 inhabitants. Here you can enjoy historical walks of the day and nightlife in the evening and enjoy, for example, sailing. It takes just over 1,5 hours from Athens to get here by car and there are also daily buses from Athens, in other words, you will easily reach your holiday home.

You can also reach Nafplio via Kalamata Airport (about 1,5 hours) or via the port of Patra (about 2 hours).

Argolis and Nafplio

The historic and scenic Nafplio is located in Argolis, which has many famous archaeological sites worthy of your attention: Tiryns (Tirintha), Mycenae, Argos, Epidavros, and not to forget about Nafplio's fortress Palamidi.

Nafplio is a historic seaside town and was the first capital of modern Greece (1829-1834). Enchanting beautiful city with charming pastel-colored houses and small alleys with different kinds of shops. Nafplio is a highly developed tourist center with historical and cultural museums and a wonderful romantic atmosphere. Around Argolis there are many seaside resorts and small towns: Nea (New) Kiosk, Salanti, Doroufi, Galini are just a few of them. The Argolic Gulf has perfect water for swimming and water sports. Nearby you will find

  • Tolo with its organized facilities and fine sandy beach
  • Porto Heli is famous for its greenery and crystal clear waters
  • lots of different seaside resorts and sandy beaches like Mandrakia, Kouverta, Sentoni, Petrothalassa

Buy house, apartment, plot in Nafplio, Tolo or nearby areas

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