Buying a property in Greece does not have to be complicated: tips from a property rights lawyer

Buying a property in Greece does not have to be complicated: tips from a property rights lawyer

Buying a property in Greece doesn't have to be complicated: a reliable real estate lawyer will guide you through the entire process. For many of our clients, it is an added security when they can communicate with the lawyer in Swedish. Elias and I are very happy to be able to help our clients with the above: we work with the Swedish-speaking lawyer in Athens Giota Noussi from Noussi and Partners.

Giota Noussi is an experienced lawyer in real estate law, civil law and business law. Giota was born in Sweden 1979 and lived in Stockholm to 1998, is a Swedish citizen and speaks unhindered Swedish. She studied law in Athens, is a member of the Athens Bar Association since 2007 and collaborates with several Swedish lawyers in Sweden.

Together with her Swedish colleagues, they can help you with all the necessary documents from Sweden and Greece that may be needed for a Swedish buyer. Giota, is also an official translator to and from Swedish. Want to ask her questions directly? Email to us and enter in subject area: "Legal help".

Kopa real estate Greece tipsGreece: your place in the sun

Greece is a top choice for many who want to buy a summer house or permanent residence: the climate, culture and people are liked by Scandinavians and Europeans.

What to consider when buying a house in Greece?

In order for you to succeed with your purchase and investment, you need to follow the tips that follow.

Choose your partners with care

Step one is so clear to choose a reliable broker. Remember that in Greece no form of certification is required and it can be easy to choose "wrong".

To make your investment correct, the broker needs to cooperate with the lawyer and the construction engineer.

When you have found the house you are interested in:

  • The building must be checked with the help of a lawyer or engineer. Do not hesitate to ask for the house plans and previous contracts and building permits.
  • The lawyer controls the house's ownership rights in the property agency if there are mortgages. This control must go back 20 years when it comes to ownership. When you turn to a good broker, most houses have no problems and the investigation is only for formal reasons.
  • When everything is ok you go on to the purchase and sale contract. A notary issues the contract with the help of the lawyer who collects all the required documentation and ensures that the law is applied.

Taxes and declarations in Greece

Remember that tax for the house is paid once a year and the amount depends on the house's value, year of construction, square meter. It is a form of ownership tax. The amount depends on which area the house is located on, how many facades it has, etc.

For example, in Koroni, a house of 150 sqm, built 2010 bought for 250.000 euro, it is estimated that a tax of max. Note that the amount can be paid out in 1000 installments to the Tax Agency. The tax office in Greece, together with the lawyer, answers all your tax questions before you buy.

Remember to declare the house in the property agency also (deadline 1 years) after signing the contract so that the purchase contract becomes public! Buying a house in Greece is a very smart investment for the future, either using it as a summer house or renting it for the whole year. Prices are very reasonable compared to Sweden, the tax is low and the value of the house is higher over the years. Remember, however, hire trusted partners to make your investment a simple, legal and beneficial purchase!

Text author: Giota Noussi

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