For those who want to buy a home in Greece: advice budget planning

For those who want to buy a home in Greece: advice budget planning

Do you want to buy housing in Greece and need help with budget planning before applying for bank loans? Below are some tips from us at

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Additional costs when buying a home

When buying a home in Greece, it is rarely bidding and you can usually bargain down 5-20% on the asking price. If an object has been out for a long time you can try to bargain properly. Once you have bought the house or plot then some costs will be added in connection with the purchase. Usually, you have to count on about 12% of the total purchase price added. The costs that you have to count on are

  • brokerage fee 2,5%
  • property tax 3,1%
  • Notary Cost 2,5%
  • attorney fee 2,5%
  • lawyer costs about 1%
  • land survey costs 700 Euro.

This makes about 11,5% so always expect just over 12% since the survey cost is a fixed fee.

Operating costs and after-sales care

Now that you are the owner of the accommodation, it will also be taken care of during the year and bills are paid etc. It is important to keep an eye on all operating costs and know what you need in the property. If you are not in place you can hire someone who can handle these tasks in the meantime. What needs to be paid is electricity charges, water charges, telephone charges, internet, property tax and maybe gardening. If the pool needs this, it will be taken care of.

What can you expect for costs and amounts? Electricity and water are more expensive than in Sweden (most countries in Europe have higher costs for this than Sweden), but labor costs are clearly cheaper if you need to utilize services (eg gardening costs around 150 kr per hour). Property tax is paid annually and is around 1% of the value but may vary as best is if you check what is applicable in your area.

Below you can see costs that you can count on monthly if someone lives there and when it's unbuckled.

Housing Period vs. non-residence period
  • El: 500 kr vs. 100 kr
  • Water: 300 kr vs. 100 kr
  • Internet: 300 kr vs. 0 kr

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