"All inclusive"? Not optimal if you want to go to the Peloponnese

"All inclusive"? Not optimal if you want to go to the Peloponnese

"All inclusive"? Not optimal if you want to go to the Peloponnese in Greece. Airport-hotel-beach-hotel-beach-hotel-beach-hotel-airport: Peloponnese is far from being a paradise for all-inclusive travelers. It repeatedly repeats the Greek partners that Houses in Greece work with. At least with regard to Messinia, Lakonia and Arcadia in Peloponnese.

On the picture Stoupa in April

"All inclusive" in general: good or bad

We're lucky we humans are different, right? There are those who think the concept is great and returning to the same places and the same concept. And there are as many people who have been questioning how all inclusive concepts support tourism development (Tourism backside for locals) or (Everything includes: food, drink and breakdown). The concept was the most popular around 2010 when 25-30 percent of charter travelers chose everything included (All inclusive - all you need to know).

Peloponnese: the wild and non-touristy part of Greece

Already 2016 had Peloponnese, according to Lonely Planet, been the best travel destination in Europe. This beautiful green peninsula was for a long time a well-preserved Greek secret and developed a whole different tourism than the Greek world.

There are plenty of smaller and larger hotels and guesthouses (with mixed quality but always with classic Greek hospitality) but here you will not find exclusive and big hotel chains, thank you if you ask me. Peloponnese is committed to being an alternative to the Greek island world, and the development of tourism, like everything else in life, has both good and bad sides, but here you will still find lots of pristine and undiscovered villages, hiking trails and beaches. However, it is far from the comfortable red carpet that will guide you there: the roads are of a somewhat varied quality and require some exercise whether you ride a bike or hike.

On the picture view towards Stoupa from Neochori

Small-scale beaches (but there are also many fine sandy beaches) offer longer and shorter philosophical moments and "just-be" experiences as well as crystal clear waters, but also here: far from water bikes and similar experiences offered on all inclusive trips.

In the picture: wild beach vik between Kardamyli and Stoupa

The curious Greeks

The hospitable Greeks are happy to share their own favorite donuts, but do not expect them to do it through beautiful tourist brochures: the best thing you can learn is to take ouzo or coffee at a local tavern and talk. Or facebooka because it's popular here :). And ask for Instagram account: You can be pleasantly surprised by how proud they are with their own products or services. Both young and old are happy to make a selfie.

Local restaurants

In this part of the Peloponnese you will not find many exclusive restaurants with white and red tablecloths or waitresses dressed up uniforms. Here you live as a "local" and eat nutritional food that grows in the garden next door. You can even be invited to the kitchen to check the catch of the day and completely choose what the chef will cook for you.

In the picture: Plates with pumpkin. I could not understand the word and referred to the garden behind where the "food" grew

Menu? Somebody's Problems You'll Always Get Them BUT DO NOT CHECK IN THEM IN BLINDO: Ask and do not find what you're looking for so the staff will get what you want. I remember when the chef walked past us to go to a local butcher to fix pork chop. AND you can not get this at all inclusive restaurants or?

"All inclusive"? Not optimal ...

Certainly, our partners want to earn money from tourists. Sure, they want to have many, many, many tourists BUT, what matters most to them is to build a relationship and make each one feel familiar and unique. That you will feel like part of the family, that you will have time to listen to their own story and that you will have time to tell your own.

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