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22th November 2019

Finding reliable brokers in Greece: difficult but not impossible

It is difficult but not impossible to find reliable brokers in Greece. The real estate market in Greece is quite different from that in Sweden: there is no licensing and specific education to work as a broker and many times, for example, construction companies themselves act as brokers.

Why don´t we work with all brokerage agencies?

Elias and I work as "Housefinder": we collect information from our customers and, if we do not have an object that matches, we pass on the right specification to the right broker in Greece in the areas we work with (around Kalamata, Nafplio and Chani , Crete).

Our clients get direct contact with one or more brokers who have what they are looking for: no long email conversations and several months of waiting for a response. And sometimes it happens that we book a customer who then finds another broker in the area. A broker we do not work with.

Our services are for you who want to buy in Greece completely free: there are real estate agencies who pay us for perfect match. In those cases when you choose a broker other than the one we work with, our business concept falls. Of course, it would be smartest of us to tie all local brokers in the places we promote to our concept BUT.

Selection of partners

There are strong reasons why we choose to work only with a number of selected local real estate agencies:

  • Experience
    We meet all our partners personally before we decide to start a collaboration and carefully check what experience they themselves have in the industry. Do they work with any foreign customers already or are they the first step for internationalization for them? Did they previously have Greek customers or invest directly on foreign buyers?
  • Network and customer service
    How do they work with requests? Is it only the local village that applies or can they think more from the customer's perspective and search in a wider area? How fast can they react with answers? What happens after the purchase: Are they helping customers with architects, lawyers and more?
  • Local reputation
    A factor that cannot be googled. In the smaller Greek communities, everyone knows what one goes for. Sometimes two generations back but so far back we do not investigate. For us, it is important that the one we choose to work with is perceived by the locals as reliable, inclined to deliver and not greedy.

We look forward to your questions and thoughts! Even though we ourselves only work around Kalamata and Nafplio, we can try to help you through our partners in other areas in Greece as well.

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