Finding and buying your own dream house in Greece does not have to be a multi-year project: customer interview

Finding and buying your own dream house in Greece does not have to be a multi-year project: customer interview

Elias and I help our clients, mostly from Scandinavia, find and buy their dream home in Greece. Or rather, in two areas of the Peloponnese: Messinia (around Kalamata) and Argolis (around Nafplio).

The most important part of our work is to help the buyer find the right items with the budget and goals they have. As well as being helpful during the selection process, finding reliable brokers and simplifying the buying process itself.

Although the decision to buy a dream home in Greece is rarely an impulse purchase, it also does not have to be a multi-year project: it all depends on how the house purchase is prepared and planned.

The hunt for the dream house in Greece

find buy dream house greeceAt the end of April 2019 was ringing in my inbox: a new registration of interest on was filled in.

I asked for permission to call and already on 1 May I talked to Lotta Engst and Magnus Åkesson.

The call was 1,5 hour long and many questions were asked from both parties. On 2 in May I sent the requirements specification for approval and on 3 in May I started "the hunt for the dream house in Greece".

The 17 July we met all four for the first time in Stoupa in Peloponnese. After (approximately) 31 emails and 2-3 long telephone calls, it almost felt like having coffee with good friends and acquaintances and not just a business meeting.

Magnus and Lotta looked at the houses in both areas: they started in Messinia and after a week they continued to Argolis.

On 23 July I received a text message: "we have found a house we love!".

From first-time visitors to homeowners in the Peloponnese

Hi Lotta and Magnus, big, big congratulations to your Greek home and thank you for telling your story on How did you find

LM: Online. Started googling "buy houses in Greece" and you came up.

You have never been to Peloponnese before? What made you decide to buy a vacation home right here?

LM: We have been to Greek islands and love the Greek culture. The fact that we chose the mainland / Peloponnese was that it would be smooth and cheap to take us to our intended house, even on a weekend. So Athens became the choice of airport.

You both belong to people who know what you are looking for. However, many questions that you had to answer before we made the requirements specification clear. I hope I wasn't too cumbersome?

LM: We feel like you're serious! You did a fantastic job preparing us that helped us to get an excellent requirement specification for both areas: around Kalamata and around Nafplio. We got all the help we needed, including information on airports and travel hours!

You were here on 17 July and flew back to Sweden on 31 July. Can you tell us what you thought about the organization of the shows and meetings?

LM: Already the first meeting and the first viewing with you was professional. Since we had talked to each other before, both via email and phone, it did not feel like you and Elias were strangers.

We met four different brokers. Some of them were "ordinary" Greeks who worked with others and they were not so professional. Someone had forgotten the key to a show, someone showed us something else outside the specification that we made up and that didn't quite match our wishes. But it strengthened us and made us more experienced what we did not want and then it was others who did a good job.

Either way: the layout of the views you had made was perfect. Show in the morning and rest / sunbath in the afternoon. Melt everything. And nicely packaged in a single document: easy to keep track of everything!

"It should be close to the sea, we want to be able to go biking to the beach". That was one of your wishes. How close to the dream image you had at the end of April is the house you bought?

LM: It was a little further to the sea than we had imagined, but you can still cycle to the beach. But the house is perfect, good price, which meant that we had money to build a pool on our site, so we are so happy!

What did you think of the buying process itself? What would you like to advise or warn about other home buyers?

LM: Greeks are Greeks, everything takes time and is very ancient in the way of signing agreements and more. A lot of paper and many stamps.

But you had done a good preliminary work and we knew before we traveled what we would have with us in the event of a house purchase. Everything we had with us, however, missed the detail that the documents would be translated into English in order to be allowed to open a Greek bank account. And again this time you helped us: we got in touch with your partner in Athens, a lawyer who knew both Swedish and Greek.

On the whole, we think it's gone smoothly! The broker from whom we bought the house helped us to book time at the bank and at the lawyer and accompanied the authorities.

At the time of writing, you are back in Sweden after completing the purchase and fixing and donating in your Greek home. Do you long to return to Greece?

LM: Yes, we do almost all the time. As soon as we got back to Sweden we booked our next trip to our Greek paradise. We would have liked to have stayed a little longer when we were there in October: the weather was still summery.

And, ha ha, I've seen the bags you had with you :). And it wasn't just clothes, I guess?

LM: We felt that the prices of several gadgets were at home. That's why we take a little away from home every time we fly. Furnishings and more are not at all like in Sweden. When we had 12 beds, there was a lot of bedding from Hemtex, pool towels, ordinary towels and tools. Ikea is located in Athens, but the range is not like Ikea Sweden.

Thank you for your time and good luck with the pool project!

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