11 September 2019

Greece, Peloponnese: Get started with yoga, pilates or zen

Whether you live permanently in Greece and the Peloponnese or are here on vacation: get started with yoga, pilates or zen technique at Zen Rocks Mani. Release all the musts for a moment and learn for a week how you can deepen the relaxed Greek lifestyle that advocates "carpe diem". Get professional guidance and fellowship with others and begin your own personal journey to peace and balance. Everyone can do yoga and meditate! Yoga or Pilates is not about performance, perfection or flexibility, but about finding harmony in body and soul. Release a stressful everyday life and invest in going away to get closer to yourself.

"Zen Rocks": When you are ready for POSITIVE CHANGE, your life will CHANGE POSITIVELY!

Behind the concept, Vivi Letsou, a visionary and advocate of positive change, Vivi has combined Yoga and Zen in his last 20 years: from film industry in California to owner of NYSY Academy for Yoga and Pilates and Avocado Vegetarian Café in Athens. Everything she does promotes a healthy lifestyle and empathy for fellow human beings.

yoga pilates zen greece peloponnesosAfter ten years of successful entrepreneurship in Athens, she and her husband chose to focus on the next dream: Zen Rocks: An amazingly beautiful retreat center in Mani, Peloponnese.

The center is dedicated to rebuilding the balance using zen, yoga, meditation, pilates and meaningful courses. The courses are conducted by Vivi and / or her invited colleagues.

In addition to attending the courses, you can enjoy the beautiful unspoiled Peloponnese, swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean, hike, visit nearby charming villages and Byzantine churches.

All food that you are served and participate in to prepare is based on fresh local ingredients and your own organic olive oil. You can also book massages and individual immersion in meditation or yoga on site. All for you to recreate your balance and your well-being!

About the accommodation and the trip to the Zen Rocks Center

Zen Rock's facility is located about 30 minutes drive south of Kalamata, in a quiet olive grove, on top of a mountain and with stunning views of the Mediterranean. The nearest beach to Zen Rocks is Kitries, and in about 6-8 minutes by car you can reach the ancient Kardamyli. You can get to Zen Rock from Kalamata Airport (direct flights from Stockholm to mid-November). Expect about 40 minutes drive from the airport. If you choose to fly to Athens, you need to count on about 3 hours drive on a convenient highway. Contact Elwira via email or phone 0046-703 247 949 If you want to book a transfer, car rental or longer stay before / after the courses. We can find a housing in the area through rental property at

Do you want to be updated on dates for courses?

Want to be informed about dates for courses and yoga events, email to Elwira and specify in the subject area: Zen Rock's Courses.

Are you yourself a teacher of yoga and would like to add your own courses for your own students in Greece?

Elwira takes responsibility for Zen Rock's collaborations and contacts for Sweden. Would you like to complete courses with your own students in sunny Greece and Mani? Or do you have other thoughts about collaborations? Email to Elwira and specify in the subject area: Zen Rocks Future.

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