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Buying houses in Greece: nightmare or easy?

Buying a house or a plot is never quite trouble-free in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland. There are laws and authorities, different brokers and construction companies to hire and sometimes it becomes a problem (read our Tips for you who are planning to buy house or apartment).

Are you thinking about buying a house, plot or own house in the Peloponnese or somewhere else in Greece, it's quite right now. Prices have gone down since the end of 2008 and have now begun to stabilize but are still lower than in a very long time.

However, the Peloponnese has not had the same dramatic decline, such as Athens, which has suffered much harder from the recession. Curious about more? Read more about investments in Greece and the mainland here.

Take me directly to all sales objects!

Buy in Greece: questions and answers

In the cases you find an item listed on our website, we help you to book a display with the broker who takes care of the item and who can answer your additional questions before your visit. This is completely free of charge for your part. If you do not find what suits you best among our listed items and want to get help with writing down the requirement specification and starting searches in the area that is interesting to you then we apply a starting fee of 1 250 sek incl VAT. Payment is made to ElwEli Consulting AB (Reg. No. 559152-4201). After we start a collaboration, we will find a house, a plot to build on or a long-term rental accommodation according to Dina's wishes. We also answer your questions before - during - and after your purchase. We and our partners help you organize all initial formalities with opening bank accounts, registering with authorities etc. Please note, however, that the latter is done with English-speaking Greek staff. Should you wish to join us at these meetings, an extra fee applies.
In those cases you find an interesting object on our site: contact Elwira via email, telephone 070-3247949 or fill in Interest report for buyers then we will contact you within two working days. Please note that travel expenses for viewing visits pay you yourself, but we can help you with the practicality. After the display, you decide whether you want to move on or wait and have continued contact. If you want us to find an item for you: contact Elwira via email and leaving your phone number, she will call you within 1 working day. Based on your wishes, we propose suitable items and brokers. If you want to proceed with any of the suggestions, we will book a viewing visit where the broker will show you different items. This is usually done in English, but if you want us to translate, we decide the cost and time for this. Please note: travel expenses for this visit you pay yourself, but we will be happy to help you with the practicalities. After the show you decide whether you want to go ahead or wait and have continued contact and get several suggestions from us.
Please note that the information provided in the interest card is used solely to identify your preferences. These data will never be deliberately forwarded, sold or otherwise used without your approval. Read more about our policy under the link here.
No! The real estate agents we collaborate with are paying us to get in contact with customers from Scandinavia. If you decide to invest in the object, we will receive commission but the showing itself doesn´t charge you extra costs (except for your own travel expenses and accommodation which you pay by your self).
Absolutely! We can communicate with a lawyer who then represents you until all is done. If you want to buy a summer residence, we can also communicate with companies that take care of the house when you are not there. We also take care of communicating with the accountant who makes your declaration in Greece.
In Greece, the commission cost is shared between the seller and the buyer (usually 2% each). In cases where the purchase price is below a certain amount, the buyer can pay a fixed brokerage fee, which means that it will be a slightly higher percentage. In addition to the brokerage fee of about 2,5%, you need to count on 3% in property tax. Notary cost 2,5%. Attorney costs 2,5% and Law Society costs of about 1% and Land Survey costs 700 Euro. This makes about 11,5% so always expect just over 12%. Note that since several brokers can hold the same item, a "visit agreement" is signed at the time of the presentation to secure which brokerage agency first presented the item to the buyer.
EU citizens can buy property free in Greece. Buyers from other countries may find that certain restrictions apply such as buying a property near military bases or national borders requiring special permission. These areas include the eastern Aegean, the Twelve, regions of northern Greece and parts of Crete and Rhodes. These restrictions are often a mere formality for EU citizens, though Authorities may be more difficult to get for non-EU citizens.
As a Swedish, you have good reputation in Greece and can borrow to buy in some banks. However, banks are not particularly positive about lending money and usually require high cash (40-50%) and significantly higher interest rates than we are used to. The repayment period is usually set in relation to the borrower's age, which means that younger people get longer amortization and older significantly shorter. Having your funding organized in Sweden before you start looking at houses is always recommended. Also note that Swedish banks do not lend to real estate purchases in Greece, but in such cases, collateral may be secured against collateral in Sweden.
The most important thing to check is whether you are allowed to build on on the plot, ie if it is possible to get a building permission. If the plot is already under construction, check for how long. The new building rules in Greece since 2015 syas that a plot can only get building permisssion if it is within the building plan. Plots of 4000 sq.m can always get building permission. Building permission are always given for 200 sqm building surface. But note that it also applies to taking into account extra floors. 100 sqm per floor means 200 sqm for two floors in Greece as they do not go for living space but a total building area per floor.
The buying process can take time in Greece as there is much to be controlled by the respective lawyer and sometimes you do not have time to go down just to sign some documents or the purchase agreement itself. Then you can do as we did. We chose to give our lawyer power of attorney from Sweden so that she could complete the purchase for us and it worked out very well. Certainly it is associated with a small amount of costs, but clearly cheaper than if you yourself or yourself have to fly down and maybe stay at a hotel for a few nights. Cost of this? Count on 2-3% of the purchase price so in our case when we only bought a plot it was cheaper than taking a flight for two people down to Greece to sign.
Our primary area is Messinia in Peloponnese but we also have contacts with other partners on the mainland: around Nafplio and Thessaloniki. Do you want to buy in another area: Contact us for assistance! Call Elwira on 0046-703247949 get more information.

I and my partners can help you with the following:

Find the right object

We will help you find the right object that suits your budget

Find the right place

We will help you find an area that suits your needs

Choose the right time

We will help you to arrange viewing when it suits you best

Get the right help

We will help you find a lawyer and accountant who will ensure your purchase

According to Platon: "Taking the first step is the most important part of every voyage of discovery and without doubt the most significant"

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