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According to Plato: "Taking the first step is the most important part of every journey of discovery and, without a doubt, the most significant." Thank you for contacting!

  • In case you find an item listed on our website, we will help you book a display with the broker who will take care of the item and who, before your visit, can answer your additional questions. This is completely free of charge for your part.
  • If you do not find what suits you best among our listed items and want to get help with writing down the requirement specification and starting searches in the area that is interesting to you then we apply a starting fee of 1 250 sek incl VAT. Payment is made to ElwEli Consulting AB (Reg. No. 559152-4201).

Please note that we only operate in the following areas: Messinia, Nafplio, Thessaloniki. Need help with other areas? Contact Elwira via email or call her on 070-324 79 49. To help you in the best way, we need to know the following:

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According to Platon: "Taking the first step is the most important part of every voyage of discovery and without doubt the most significant"

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