Move to Greece

Moving to Greece: common FAQs

Have you thought about moving and living in Greece?

Do you want to catch your own dreams, be a digital nomad or change your way of living and working?

There may be different reasons why you want to move to another country but most people want to find a balance between work and leisure time (the story from the blog).

Living in Greece is not the same as going on vacation and we hope you can find some answers to your questions below.

Whether you are looking for permanent or summer accommodation, short or long rentals, I will help you find a suitable objects!

For the meaning of life is to live, right?

And like ancient Greeks, Platon taught us: "Taking the first step is the most important part of every journey of discovery and undoubtedly the most important".

When you take the step of moving, you have to make sure to write off from your country and then sign in Greece. If you have a car to take down, make sure to register it correctly in Greece. And keep in mind that many car brands remove the car warranty when registering it in a new country (eg Volvo), even though the car is new and it was still in your own country. Finally, you can not say that too often. Are you married / cohabiting so write wills, then there is Greek law that applies if something happens when you live in Greece.
Present yourself to your neighbors. Do not worry if you do not speak Greek - many speak English! And have a party! Just ask some neighbors and ask them to bring some of their friends as well. Shop locally, at least initially. It may be a bit more expensive than using a supermarket, but you will get to know your local shopkeeper and may even encounter some of your neighbors. A lot of chatting in local stores are common in Greece and don´t forget to greet people even if you don´t know them
Learn to speak Greek. This is very important if you will live in Greece permanently. To speak the local language or even try to is very appreciated by locals. Learn to say "hello" (yassas), good morning (kalimera), good evening/hello (kalispera) and greet everybody and you will soon get to know people! The Greeks are extremely social and friendly and when they recognize you in the village, they are happy to show their church or change some words when you meet. There are a lot of language buttons that you can upload to your mobile: Elwira uses GreekPod101. And do not forget to upload to the mobile Google Translate App! Android here and the Iphone here.
Find out where other nationalities meet. It might be useful to meet English, German, other Scandinavians, etc. to connect and exchange experiences like how to get to Greece as a new entrant. Social networks fix most of the time today, but there are also different variants of local web pages such as Parea sti Mani for us who live in Peloponnese, Mani area.
Like so many things in life, everything may seem a bit scary at first. Greece is a country with a completely different culture and different customs. The important thing is to be curious about these differences and embrace them. Someone may think that the bureaucracy and all formalities can be frustrating, but maybe this slower pace was one of the experiences that made you fascinated by the country from the beginning?
Last and perhaps most importantly - try to find a neighbor or someone you can hire to help you with practical things like how to pay bills, order villa oil, make their declarations or visit a doctor, all that we take for granted in Sweden but which is brand new (and not always obviously) in Greece. Can you find someone who speaks both Greek and a language you have in common, then everything will be much easier in your new country.

Me and my partners can help you with the following

Find the right object

We will help you find the right object that suits your budget

Find the right place

We will help you find an area that suits your needs

Choose the right time

We will help you to arrange viewing when it suits you best

Get the right help

We will help you find a lawyer and accountant who will ensure your purchase

According to Platon: "Taking the first step is the most important part of every voyage of discovery and without doubt the most significant"

Welcome to Peloponnese and Rent, build, buy or work around Kalamata, Nafplio, Thessaloniki


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