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August 12

A vegetarian in Greece: You don't eat meat? Ok, you make lamb!

A vegetarian in Greece has really many dishes to choose from. Greece's access to fresh fruits and vegetables is something that is used everyday and at the tavern you can order goodies like wind olives with rice and herbs, cooked vegetables, grilled vegetables, stuffed vegetables, bean soup, lentil soup and more.

One of the first modern vegetarians came from ...

Greece! Yep, you're not really surprised, right? The first known vegetarian was Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived around 530 BC. The main reason that he refrained from eating or plaguing non-human beings was his belief in the immortality of the soul. Then it was called Pythagorian or Pythogoré. (source)

A vegetarian in Greece is in a food paradise

Greece is known for its food and most people know that Greeks eat a lot of meat and fish even though their vegetables and fruits are amazing and taste heavenly. In large parts of Western Europe it is common for people to be or intend to become vegetarians, but in Greece it is not as common. Or at least not as common as calling yourself a vegetarian.

But do not be afraid of being a vegetarian! If you go to a Greek market (or λαικη / laikí as they say in Greece), the range of fruit and vegetables is fantastic and in principle everything is organically grown and in many cases locally grown. And as we said before: the range of meat-free dishes is great even in small taverns (try big Greek beans in tomato sauce, yummy!). "vegetarian" do not get people in Greece to raise their eyebrows anymore.

You don't eat no meat? Okay, you make lamb!

We ourselves love to eat meat, but in Greece we have no problem eating everything else and there is a reason why Elias' family calls Elwira the tomato-mad woman. There are also a few who hurry to the garden to pick the cucumbers that are left in the garden before she comes to visit! Do you remember "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? Well, we can add history to that because in reality if you are a vegetarian, the food selection is fantastic basically everywhere.

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