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12th February 2021.

Dream house in Greece: build from zero vs. buy skeleton. Which is better?

You are not alone: ​​many want their own dream house in Greece but do not really like the finished proposals. Don't give up, there are several options: you can build from scratch or buy house skeletons. What is best? We will guide you through the process!

Dream house in Greece: building from scratch

In this case, it is "only" and only about finding a suitable building site. I write in parentheses "only" because it is usually quite difficult after all. I guess at this stage you already know WHERE in Greece you want to build your dream house. If not: email me questions about the Peloponnese or your personal preferences and I will help you. Here are at least some questions you need answered if you want to build from scratch:

  • What is your total budget? Ie: plot + building permit + the house? Short explanation about the cost of building permits: it is variable and depends on lots of different factors but rarely less than 7000 €. You can read about other additional costs of purchase under the link here, see FAQ number F
  • When do you want the house to be ready to move in? Short explanation: it can take a variety of time but rarely less than 18 months
  • Do you want to design your dream house yourself or do you want to hire an architect? Brief explanation: knowledge and knowledge of local laws and requirements is required. Elias and I recommend you hire a local architect. We can arrange contacts for you if you need it
  • Do you want to build yourself or do you want to hire construction companies from Greece? Short explanation: a lot of local knowledge is required and if you want our help we can help you with this. Otherwise, your broker will certainly have their own contacts
  • A building site in Greece usually lacks electricity and water. Include the extra costs in your budget and most important of all never sign, never a sales contract without your own lawyer !!! There may be different surprises .. Elias and I can help you find one that we trust ourselves

Dream house in Greece: buy the house skeleton

Yes but congratulations! You know that you like and enjoy the area and you already know the answer about the goal of your investment, ie: just home for you and your family or rental business. There are a lot of benefits to completing what others started with:

  • You can from the beginning "see" and "feel" the view and the neighborhood and often you save your own money to fix the road to the plot and the like
  • You do not have to pay (and wait!) For a building permit but still have the opportunity to "decorate" the house itself. House many bedrooms, where should the kitchen be located etc
  • If you buy (also via us) from local construction companies, you know almost exactly what it will cost and how long it will take to get the job done. The usual time is about 6 months
  • Last but not least: never, never sign a sales contract without your own lawyer !!! There may be different surprises..Elias and I can help you find one that we trust ourselves

The dream house in Greece: make your dreams come true

No, life is definitely not going backwards and there are absolutely no guarantees for investments and planning. Not in Greece, not in Sweden and not worldwide. But surely it is wonderful to avoid booking holidays, sleep in uncomfortable beds and always feel like a tourist? Welcome to husigrekland.se :)

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