Living and working in Greece? Buy investment property near Kalamata

At you can find some interesting investment objects near Kalamata. Perhaps especially interesting for those who want to live and work in Greece and invest in the tourism industry?

In the picture beach in Kalamata

Good news for those who want to buy investment objects near Kalamata

Kalamata Municipality decided to strengthen its investments in the tourism industry from 2019. Part of the distribution of various forms of printed advertising material that will be strategically placed at airports and cruise terminals, and partly with a broader investment in digital marketing of Kalamata and the surrounding area. On the digital platforms, strong collaboration is planned with local companies that can offer tourists food, accommodation and events.

The digital strategy also includes creating an app "Welcome to Kalamata", which gives users real-time news about events, interesting places and offers.

In the picture Marina in Kalamata

Welcome to Kalamata!

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