Elwira Kotowska

Elwira Kotowska

Buying a house or a plot to build your dream house is never quite trouble-free in Sweden or in Greece. There are laws and authorities, different brokers and construction companies to hire and sometimes it becomes a problem.

Booking a holiday home or vacation apartment in a place where you have never been before can also cause a problem and ruin your stay.

I will answer all your questions before and after your purchase or booking. Together with my partners in Peloponnese, Greece, we are looking forward to making sure your best!

From major and comprehensive issues, such as contact with the lawyer or the auditor, to minor requests, to help rent a car or equip the cottage with bikes for the whole family. I combine my own consulting business within project management with Husigrekland.se and you can also ask me questions about the intermediation via our Facebook profile page.

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